Haba SKU: 53815 Barcode: 4010168224657


This adorable mulit-colored wormy has many brilliant balls in his belly! Move wormy and the balls make fascinating sounds and sights. Your preschooler can experiment with tilting the angle of the toy, causing the balls to move through the maze faster or slower. Shake the rainstick for rhthmic beats or turn slowly for the sound of a rainy day. Captivating for all ages, this toy is the perfect addition to any playroom. Teaches cause and effect, and is a great introduction to experimentation and physics. HABA is a German company with a long history of deep commitment to high-quality design, safety and social & environmental responsibility. This item is designed in Germany and made with strict care in China. Our employees regularly visit and inspect our partner suppliers and hold them to the highest quality standards and working conditions. Prior to market placement, the safety of the materials, the engineering process, the mechanical endurance testing and the actual use of our products are all tested and documented by independent, third party testing institutes.

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