Pent-Up Logic Puzzle

Sue & Louis Toorenburg SKU: 38877


The object of the puzzle is to match colours keeping the NZ in the right perspective on all exterior sides of the cube.
But don't stop there.  Some other challenges are to get 4 different colours on each side while keeping the NZs in the right perspective, or try to get all N's or all Z's on the outside, or two colours diagonally opposed, or... the challenges are endless.  Why not make up your own?
The puzzle was designed and made by Louis Toorenburg  from Kaikohe in New Zealand as his exchange puzzle for the 2006 International Puzzle Party held in Boston in August 2006.  Quoted recently in the Northern News as being "a puzzle-mad inventor", Louis is the Owner/Operator of Labyrinth Woodworks & Maze at Hokianga in NZ.  Louis says "The NZanity puzzle has been driving this lad NZane

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