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Once A Pawn A Time is a "five-star-rated" chess set that adds active learning to whimsical play. 
Recipient of the prestigious Modern Library Award.
This beloved chess set includes two books.
  • The first illustrated book teaches children of all ages the placement and moves of kings, queens, sliding castles and jumping horses. It is endearing. "The most important thing about chess is to have fun!" -- the author Patzi Stewart.
  • The second book advances playing skills by exploring the strengths and weaknesses of each chess piece. This book should be approached incrementally, about 20 minutes at a time. 

The custom-designed, chess pieces match the illustrations in the books. This makes learning the moves much easier. 

The author, Patzi Stewart, taught youngsters from preschool through high school, in public and private schools and recreation centers throughout the San Francisco East Bay for over 15 years.

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