Medallion Puzzle

Hanayama SKU: 50018 Barcode: 779090900568


The Medallion is made from four separate pieces of metal, two of which form a central core, while the other two each contain two different maze tracks. The object of the puzzle is to find your way through all four mazes at the same time as the core smoothly glides apart. Then, after you get it back to where it started, you might feel so good about yourself that you’ll want to find a lanyard and string the medal around your neck, which can be worn showing either gold or silver.

The designer of the Medallion, Oskar van Deventer from Leidschendam in the Netherlands, started designing puzzles when he was
12, and has now been designing for over 30 years. The Medallion is now owned by Puzzle Master and produced by Hanayama, a Japanese company who is known for excellent quality and challenging puzzles.

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