Mayhem on the Moon 3D Puzzle G

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Travel back in time to stop the dastardly doctor from his dreadful deeds in the “Time Guardian Adventures — Mayhem on the Moon” 3D puzzle game!

Power-hungry Dr. Maxwell Mayhem traveled back to 1969 and prevented the Apollo XI first moon landing, changing the course of history! Mayhem now claims the moon as his own (he’s even carved his face on it!), and controls the world’s largest rocket manufacturer. Travel back in time to disrupt his despicable deeds! Part board game, part 3D puzzle, cooperate with other players to solve the challenges, build the time machine, thwart Mayhem’s plans and restore the course of history!

The “Time Guardian Adventure” 3D puzzle games adds a whole new dimension to puzzle solving fun! Collaborating with other players, travel through history, solve a number of challenges and help save the world!

Contents include: 64 adventure cards in folding pack, 216 plastic puzzle pieces, 4 plastic accessories, 7 paper pieces, 1 user manual, and game instructions. Developed by game designers Nick Cravotta and Rebecca Bleau (authors of ThinkFun’s “Escape the Room” games), so you know you’re in for a treat! Great fun for 1 to 4 beginner players, ages 12+!

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