Hot Dog Playing Cards

Fast Food Playing Cards SKU: 54972


The Hot Dog Playing Cards is a brilliant combination of Fast Food and Playing Cards by the talented Rich Li. The tuck case of the Hot Dog Playing Cards is die-cutted to look and serve as an actual packaging hot dogs. The design itself is considered to be suitable for both magicians and cardists, so that one does not get distracted by the artwork but can still find the playfulness representing the fast-food culture. Who knows? You might find some familiar faces on the delicious court cards.

  • Limited to 2000.
  • The Hot Dog tuck case is Embossed and made with Premium Matte Finish PaperPrinted on both sides, and Die-Cut to mimic an actual Hot Dog Box.
  • Fully custom court cards representing the Fast Food Culture
  • The Hot Dog Deck is FULLY MARKED - Allowing you to identify any given card from the back.

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