Frost'd Playing Cards

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Remember the good ol’ days, before food regulations, when you could get a sugar-gasm or a fizz-blackout from your childhood breakfast cereals?… Well, you are in luck my friend! Howlin’ Jacks Playing Cards are proud to present the 2nd session in their unique Breakfast Club series - FROST’d!

Each suit is dedicated to it’s own Breakfast Cereal Character!

Diamonds - Try some FROST’d ESCAPEEOS featuring the Amazing Haredini!

Hearts - Stick some FROST’d SOUR SKULLS in your mouth featuring Lion Orion!

Clubs - Chow down on some FROST’d TRAPPER SNAPS, featuring the loveable Bayou Bob!

Spades - Choke on some SGT. NUT’S FROST’d NUTS, featuring your friend and ours… SGT. NUT

As well as these beautiful, eye-popping court cards each number card has been individually altered to give the whole deck that breakfast goodness.

So go on treat yourself to the most fun, quality and unique deck you will ever find that is indeed… the BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS!!!

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