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You travel through time and space. Each jump, you embody a being of whom you feel his or her memories and feelings. Together, gather the fragments to know what you are doing here. Cooperate to create this reality.
Together, explore two different worlds : The post-apocalyptic world or the dimension of extraordinary people through 4 themes each.
  • An undead invasion
  • A natural disaster
  • A nuclear catastrophe
  • An alien encounter
  • The defense of your city
  • Protection of your world from the galaxy
  • The extraordinary people's school
  • The Evil brotherhood

For each game, you receive a character that you define in a few seconds to start the adventure.

At each round, draw a Word card and tell a fragment of story.
The Symbol-Icon match will affect favourably or negatively your adventure.
Your aim is to cooperate to create an unforgettable adventure.

A cooperative role playing game, without a game master nor preparation, focused on the story-telling and the power of the imagination of your group.
Modular length
Campaign mode
Infinite replayability
Short rules

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