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If you are looking for a fun, wholesome activity, croquet is the answer. Perfect for backyard barbeques, family reunions, parties and more, croquet is an ideal game for almost any age.

Each set includes six 32" hardwood mallets with rubber caps, two 21" hardwood stakes, nine vinyl-coated steel wickets, six 3" polymer balls and a black, zip-up carrying bag.

Most croquet games are played with four or six people. The object of the game is to use a mallet to hit the ball through the wickets and into the stakes. A traditional croquet court is set up with nine wickets in a diamond formation. The first player to successfully navigate through the wickets wins.

Which person gets to go first depends on color order. Blue goes first, followed by red, black, yellow, green and orange.

Croquet is a fun, relaxing game that can be enjoyed with family and friends at picnics, cookouts and more. It also makes a great gift idea, and the including carrying bag makes transporting this set quick and convenient.

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