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Published in association with The Turing Trust, this incredible collection of puzzles allows you to put your codebreaking skills to the test - if you can solve every puzzle in the book you might once have been recruited to join the ranks of Alan Turing and the Bletchley Park codebreakers!

Alan Turing is often called the father of modern computing. During the Second World War, he worked at Bletchley Park where top-secret work was carried out to decipher the military codes. Turing played a pivotal role in cracking their intercepted coded messages and helping the Allies win the war.

This collection contains an incredible range of different puzzle types and so presents a wonderfully entertaining challenge for any puzzle lover. The puzzles are arranged into five levels of difficulty which become progressively harder, so you can start with the (relatively) easy ones and build up to the truly expert level tests. There is even a hint section to help you on your way.

• Anagrams
• Logic puzzles
• Homonym tests
• Number encryption

The Turing Trust was set up in 2009 by Alan Turing's closest family and is proud to be able to commemorate his remarkable contribution to the early years of computing and to contribute to the future of computer science by supporting people in rural African communities to become computer literate. The foreword to the book is written Sir Dermot Turing, Alan Turing's nephew and a trustee of The Turing Trust.

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