Trapped in Space : Escape Game

Schiffer Publishing Ltd SKU: 54001 Barcode: 9780764360312


Young readers and gamers can now join the escape game phenomenon with this Escape Game Adventure series!

Your mission: rescue the crew members, drive them safely back to their planet, then escape before the time-travel portal closes forever! With the help of Dooz, your faithful robot, you have been teleported to the year 3144. A team of astronauts in exploration no longer responds, and we suspect an attack from the inhabitants of the star, Hyena . . . In a few moments, it will be too late! Choose to solve this challenge on your own or with a friend! Either way, let’s go!

Mazes, puzzles, riddles, and word games test problem-solving skills in the race to save a team of astronauts and return them safely to their planet. Items from Dooz’s toolbox can be cut out and used to help solve puzzles along with the hint and answer keys provided in the back.

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