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This series of products are created by Miko, a famous European designer, to create the beauty of the combination of machinery and time. Make invisible things into tangible art works that can be transmitted in front of you. As long as you push the corresponding mechanical structure, the product will tell you the exact time and date. They are clocks and calendars that can be used in real life. 

Alone or with the family, put together all of its gears with patience and reflection while having fun!
This elegant and fascinating clock will take you on a journey through time in mechanical and Steampunk style.

When the model is assembled, it can be used as a regular wall clock and show the exact time. It also displays the signs of the Zodiac, the days, as well as the months. It was designed for everyday and long-lasting use.

Built in natural birch plywood, it comes from sustainably managed forests with FSC certification.

No additional tools required, sandpaper and wax included.

Numbered parts and detailed instructions make assembly easy.
This clock is a great gift idea, as well as a great decorative item for your living room, meeting room, office or bedroom.

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