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An exciting marble rolling game that is both educational and fun. Explore the concepts of symmetry, balance, sequence, and spatial thinking, and hone organizational skills and coordination.
Foster the kid's space and thinking ability, through the manipulation of objects, increase the child's sense of balance, and strengthen object manipulation force, according to observe objects’ function, shapes and sizes, improve kid’s thinking distinguish ability. It not only increases the interaction between parents and children, but also cultivates the child's ability to communicate and collaborate. Try it--it's truly marble-ous!
Includes 60 wooden pieces, 10 glass marbles and basic builder manual
Made of New Zealand pine wood and glass marbles, 360°polished smooth, without cracks
Explore the hands on basic principles of art, engineering and architecture
Marbles travel through the specially designed maze with slanting holes and channels within shaped wooden blocks
Recommended for kid ages 3 and up


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