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Ages:4-99 Players:1-4 Game Length:15 minutes The five little unicorns Glitterluck, Rosalie, Marvel Flower, Magic Swirl, and Stardust live in abeautiful cloud castle. Every day, friends come to visit them; there are always many visitorsand a lot going on and the castle is running out of space. Using many clouds and a little bitof magic, the unicorns gradually add more turrets to their castle.The object of the game is to collect the 10 pink crystals, stack the clouds and theunicorns on the castle in order to house all the unicorns in their new home! ' Cooperative; player rolls the die and moves Rosalie forward the corresponding number of tiles in a clockwise direction, star: fly to any tile.' Stack the cloud shown or any unicorn, or place crystal in the recess.' Parts fall down: put the fallen clouds and unicorns back into the stockpile, collected crystals stay where they are, and turn over a tile with a blue or white cloud: Sun = that's lucky, thunderstorm = look out!' Players win when all unicorns + Rosalie are stacked and all 10 crystals have been collected. They lose when the third thunderstorm tile has been turned over. Includes: 4 unicorns (Glitterluck-hot pink, Stardust-yellow, Marvel Flower-purple and Magic Swirl-turquoise) 1 baby unicorn (Rosalie-pink) 1 cloud castle 5 large white clouds 5 small blue clouds 1 die 1 cloud board game 16 double sided cloud tiles 10 cloud crystals 1 set of instructions Download Instructions

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Bringing you all the fun of two HABA classics, Unicorn Glitterluck and Animal Upon Animal in one roll & move, gem collecting dexterity game of skill and suspense. This one can be a lot more challenging than you might think! You and your friends will be trying to get all the unicorns and their crystals into the cloud kingdom before the rain begins. Players roll the dice and move Rosalie along the tiles. Depending on where they land, they will either stack a cloud, stack a unicorn or collect a gem. You win together when all 10 crystals are collected and all 5 unicorns (rosalie's always last) are stacked in the cloud kingdom. Watch out! every time a part falls of the castle, the fallen pieces go back to the stock pile and that player must turn over a cloud tile. Will it be a thunderstorm? Let's hope not! If you turn over 3 thunderstorms before stacking all the unicorns and collecting all the gems, you lose together. Suitable for 1-4 players ages 4+ with a playing time of about 15 minutes. Made in Germany with quality components, this one is sure to be a favorite for the whole family and adult game night too.

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