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PERFECT FOR FAMILY BOARD GAME NIGHT: Snakesss is a social deduction game that is easy to learn and quick to play. Ideal for families, adults and kids ages 12 and up.

IT STARTS WITH A SLIPPERY QUESTION: What is a truel? A. Duel between three people. B. Lie that is mainly true. C. Farming tool.

WATCH OUT FOR VERY CHARMING SNAKES! There are hidden snakes around the table who know the answer and will try to charm you into choosing the WRONG question so they can steal your points.

WHO CAN YOU TRUSSST? One player around the table is the Mongoose of Truth. They don't know the answers, but they are definitely not a snake so you can trust them.

EVERYONE GETS TO BE A SNAKE, A MONGOOSE AND AN ORDINARY HUMAN. It's fun being the bad guy, the honest guy and even the 'haven't-got-a-clue' person.

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