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Brainteaser Fun That Turns Museum Hopping Into "Do Anywhere" Pencil Puzzles!

With over 200 puzzles, Smithsonian Ultimate Puzzle Book puts a Smithsonian spin on what puzzle fans might normally expect from word searches, crosswords, jumbles and so much more!

Each puzzle clue is based on Smithsonian-themed trivia questions, instead of giving a list of words for a word search, this book provides a list of trivia questions whose answers are hidden in the puzzle. Word Jumbles relate to a trivia question � for example �What were the names of the first 20 presidents of the United States?

Each puzzle is inspired by the Smithsonian's various museums and world-class zoo covering: Air & Space, History, Arts & Literature, Science & Nature, Environment, and Animals --and don�t miss the trivia facts on each page!

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