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Sixy sudoku puzzles bring a whole new dimension of logic, making a 6 x 6 possibly even more fun than a 9 x 9 sudoku! There is no plain hard work, just a lot of logic and insight.

Peter Ritmeester, founder and owner of, is the inventor of Hyper Sudoku where four gray regions also contain 1-9.  By applying this idea to 6 x 6 Sudoku, an additional level of logic is created.  Pocket Posh Sixy Sudoku Hard Puzzles features a foreword, an extensive how-to-play section, 200 medium to hard puzzles, and complete solutions at the back.  

The rules: insert the digits 1-6 just once in each a) row, b) column, c) bold outlined area AND d) in each white and gray rectangle. 

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