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Batter up! Serve tiny clay waffles fresh off the griddle in your own miniature bakery-caf� with al fresco dining. Oven-bake clay is perfect for sculpting your favorite sweet treats and adorable animals. Choose from 17 step-by-step projects, including donu

Package Contains
32-page book of instructions and inspiration, 8 sheets of paper crafts, 2.22 oz (63 g) oven-bake clay in 7 colors, 4 metal eyes, waffle mold, spatula, clear plastic, baker�s twine (36 in/91.5 cm)

Product Features
32-page book offers step-by-step instructions and clay guides to help your projects match the pictures Press clay into a tiny, realistic-looking mold to create waffles that can be decorated with all sorts of toppings. Display your treats in a pastry cas

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