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In Last Message, the victim of a crime provides you with clues about the identity of the person who did this to them. Their clues are in the form of drawing. However, each turn, the culprit covers their tracks by erasing parts of the clues! Can you find the culprit in the middle of the crowd, with only blurred pieces of a sketch?

An original party game, with several different crowded images, for many tense and unique sessions!

An intuitive and addictive party game of identification and deduction, in which the culprit shows discord.

3-8 players
Ages 8+
15 minute play time

1 Screen
4 Erasable boards
2 Dry erase markers
1 Magnifying glass token
1 Sand timer
12 Double-sided sheets representing 6 crime scenes
Folded sheets representing 6 crime scenes

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