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Juxtabo features 126 discs, each with one of seven colors on one side and a different color on the other side. Several discs are chosen randomly to form a grid to start the game, and each player receives seven discs as his hand. Players also receive two challenge cards, each of which shows a pattern consisting of either three or four discs.

The idea is to find the card pattern somewhere in the grid. A player may use his discs to change the colors in the grid. For example, one color in the grid, say, blue, does not match the color he needs, say, orange, to complete the pattern. He can play a disc with a blue side on top of the blue disc in the grid. If the other side of the played disc is orange, then he is done. If not, he can add one or more discs to the same stack in the same fashion until the grid pattern matches the card pattern.

Draw new challenge cards as you complete them. Replenish to seven discs at the end of your turn and play until all discs have been used and no one can make a match.

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