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A deck of playing cards celebrating the culinary delights of Hong Kong.
Printed as a collaboration between SCAD University Hong Kong and Legends Playing Card Co.
Each card features a custom illustration of Asian cuisine and culture, with some cards including famous Hong Kong landmarks! A true piece of art in your hands, and the perfect gift to bring families and friends together.
Two superb artists, Adrienne Valdes and Corinne Caro, collaborated on this project and were the winners of the LEGENDS x SCAD design challenge.
From the artists ;
We came up with the concept of the cuisine of HK because for us, it’s one of the best things about Hong Kong! When we started studying in HK, the street food, the dim sum, and the many dishes of HK really made us love this vibrant country more! We created many thumbnails regarding the layout of the cards, but what we really loved most is the imagery of the chopsticks pickup up the various food. A lot of the meals are sometimes meant for sharing so we loved the idea that we could convey that thought through the pairs of chopsticks in each card. Lots of card games are also meant to be played with a large group of people so it all matched together nicely!
Adrienne’s portfolio site is https://vandaldinesere.carbonmade.com/ 
Corinne's portfolio site is https://amiamihan.carbonmade.com/
Sharing good times and having fun is what playing cards are all about, and we are proud to release this deck to retail locations throughout Hong Kong and Asia. Keep an eye out for these cards and beautiful display box in the Hong Kong International Airport!

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