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17 precision cut wood pieces make up this beautiful and extremely challenging puzzle. We rate it a level 5 of 5 in terms of difficulty.

Frame top is in shape of mountains. Figures in the puzzle are: Mule Deer, Bear, Mountain Lion, Rabbit, Porcupine, Fish, Eagle, Owl, Big Horn Ram, 3 Butterflies, Frog, Raccoon,, Wolf, plus a Great Sequoia tree and Yosemite Falls.

At least 6 different woods, 1/4" thick, are used in each puzzle and the mix of woods will vary from puzzle to puzzle. Woods used may include Walnut, Oak, Cherry, Maple (of various types), Ash, Yellow Birch, Red Grandis, Beetle Kill Pine, Mahogany, Alder, and whatever else I may come across on occasion...Measures about 8" x 7" in frame.

Created in honor of upcoming 150 yr anniversary of the park which was initiated by Lincoln in 1864. Copyright Creative Crafthouse by Dave Janelle, made in our Hudson, Florida shop.

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