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Forever Wild, Rocky Mountains is another beautiful picture frame puzzle, very challenign with 8 animals and a Pine tree all native to the Rockies area. Included are a Mountain Lion, Elk, Moose, Black Bear. Buffalo, Wolf, Coyote, Chipmunk and a Ponderosa Pine. Puzzle Measures about 7 1/8" x 6 5/8" in frame.

Designed and built by us in our Florida shop, it uses 1/4" thick hardwoods with at least 4 different woods in each puzzle. Each puzzle will be a little different with different woods used. Woods may include Walnut, Oak, Alder, Cherry, Maple, Ash, Beetle Kill Pine, Mahogany, and others. Every one will be a little different as we will mix up the woods used, and also the frame color used.
The base is made from floorboard material. The upper portion of the base we have fashioned from white acrylic for a snow peak look.
The puzzle is not only unique and attractive, it is also quite challenging. If you have not observed the completed picture ahead of time, 1 hour would be an excellent solution time. Pcs are all precision cut from our laser.

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