Eureka D&D After School (Thursday)

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The Eureka! After School Program at Knight Moves Café

Eureka is thrilled to offer the exciting world of Dungeons and Dragons to young players! We have a 10 week program, where kids learn the basics of play, embark on an exciting adventure, and develop a character unique to them!


Dungeons and Dragons is a collaborative storytelling experience that changes with the players and their decisions. It gives children a chance to not only explore their creativity, but their problem solving, teamwork, and social skills! (And just a touch of math!) No two campaigns or sessions are the same. Some players love the thrill of fighting a dragon, others a relaxing day of music and baking. Still others want to embroil themselves in political intrigue, and they are welcome to explore all these options with the help of the GM, who runs and facilitates the game.

Games are run weekly, with a session every Thursday. At the moment the full 10 weeks runs for 400$, with an optional boot camp session available for 35$.

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