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Palisander is one of the world’s most loved and prized veneers. It ranges in color from lustrous chocolate-brown to purple-black with a cream colored sapwood, all very saturated with a vivid contrast. Due to its diverse characteristics, the Palisander is one of the most beautiful and most exclusive veneers in the world.   The playing field is a combination of Palisander with black & Oak inlaid points.

This backgammon is handmade using the art of marquetry (also spelled as marqueterie) which is the art and craft of applying pieces of veneer to a structure to form decorative patterns and designs.
Manopoulous' skilful workers use this method in order to create the inside design of the backgammon.

Palisander with Wenge & Oak points
30 mother of pearl checkers
4 dice
1 doubling cube
1set of Wooden Dice Cups
Packing: Manopoulos gift box

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